Fun conversations with your girlfriend can go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy and exciting. If you are feeling confused, choose from any of these topics to talk to your girlfriend about. 

1. Romantic Topics To Talk With Your Girlfriend 

Ask your girlfriend about spending time together under a beautiful night sky and staying up all night talking about the things you love.

Talk about what would be the perfect couple’s vacation for the two of you. Would she prefer romantic beaches or dreamy mountainsides filled with calm and peace? 

Talk about the perfect wedding and start thinking about the future you want to spend with her if you are both comfortable with it. 

Talk about your favorite romantic movie couple and how they remind you of your own relationship. Are you more Allie and Noah from The Notebook or Sally and Harry from When Harry met Sally?

2. Topics To Talk About With Your Girlfriend At Night

Ask her about how her day was. Ask her about her work, what she ate and what plans she has for the next day. 

Ask her if she would like to meet soon and talk to her about what the two of you would do together. 

Ask her if she would like to watch a movie together, you could watch an old favorite or something totally new to both of you. 

Tell her about your day. Sharing your feelings is very important in a relationship, talking about your day and how you are feeling will bring you closer. 

3. Topics To Talk About With Your Girlfriend In Text 

Talk about your favorite things to do together.  Do you enjoy outdoor dates more or staying inside the house? 

Talk about your interests and hobbies. Are there any shows you both love? Maybe you’ll discover a hidden shared interest!

Talk about your family. Telling each other about your family and brings you closer as a couple and the resulting nostalgia spreads warmth in the conversation. 

Tell her about funny incidents from your past. After all, what could be better than sharing laughter together?                              

4. Things To Discuss With Your Girlfriend 

Any couple should be able to have healthy discussions about their future. Ask her whether she wants to get married and settle down in the near future or further ahead in her life. 

•  Both people in a relationship should have a clear idea about boundaries. Are there any events in which you are not comfortable talking about, or things that you are sensitive towards? Discuss them. 

Be honest about your feelings. If there is something about your relationship that needs work, have an honest discussion about the issues and how to solve them.

·   Pets. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or do you not prefer pets at all? You should know these things about the person you might live with someday. 

1  5. Deep Conversation Topics With Girlfriend

 ·       Talk about your goals in life. You can talk about the things that inspire you and motivate you to do better.

·       Lessons from the past. If there are any events in your past that have affected your view on life feel free to discuss them with your girlfriend.

·       Talk about what makes you value a person. What characteristics do you find attractive in a person?

·       Important people in your life. What are the people and relationships you value the most?  Do you put family before friends? How have the people in your life impacted you? Talk about this with your girlfriend.