How to compliment guys

Compliments aren't just for women. Compliments are appropriate for both men and womefeweren receive fewer accolades than women, even though they are completely deserving.

Girls, you need to step up your game and start expressing how you feel about a certain person, starting with compliments. It's the most effective method to initiate a discussion and gain attention. Who knows, maybe you will get a compliment in return.

And everyone loves compliments. 

If you're having trouble or don't know what words to use, check out these creative compliments for guy.

20 ways to compliment a guy on looks.

1. You look handsome

2. This look suits you a lot you are looking good.

4. This shirt is complimenting your torse.

5. These shoes are looking so luxurious on you.

6. It seems like this suit is made for you.

7. You are radiating gentlemen energy with this outfit.

8. You should start your brand because you style yourself in such a good way.

9. You look ethereal.

10. Wow! You look angelic.

11. You remind me of greek gods.

12. You are so fit.

13. Your abs are so sexy.

14. Your hair is looking well-groomed.

15. You look astonishing today.

16. You never fail to impress me with your look.

17. Tell me honestly are you your fashion designer? How do you look so good.

18. You look more dashing in reality.

19. Everything looks good on you.

20. You look amazing in this outfit.

20 ways to compliment a boyfriend.

1. You Are the best boyfriend I could ask for.

2. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

3. I have the best boyfriend in the world.

4. What would I do without you? You are my everything.

5. I am just on cloud 9 when I am with you.

6. You understand me so well.

7. you are the best person I have ever hugged.

8. I can stare at you all day.

9. You are so ethereal.

10. How did I end up with such a good looking guy.

11. You are just perfect.

12. You make me feel things I have never felt before

13. You are so cute.

I4. I love it when I am with you.

15. You are the perfect kisser.

16. Your style is just the best.

17. Your features are angelic.

18. You compliment me.

19. I will leave is anything to be with Iou.

20. The time spent with you is the best time of the week.

20 ways to compliment a guy's hair.

1. This new haircut complements your appearance.

2. Your hair looks luxurious.

3. How can someone look good in this hairstyle.

4. It looks like all hairstyles suit you.

5. I think all haircuts suit you.

6. Did you, change your barber? Because this new haircut is dapper.

7. You look so handsome in this hair.

8. Your hair is so soft.

9. What shampoo do you use? Your hair is so shiny.

10. Your hair looks well styled today.

11. Even in messy hairs you look so good.

12. Your hair is so good.

13. You must take care of your hair a lot for them to be so good.

14. Any length of hair would look good super sexy on you.

15. You have such healthy hair.

16. Your hair looks like strands of silk.

17. Your barber must feel so good when they touch hair hairs.

18. This hairstyle makes your eyes seem bigger.

19. Your hairs look super sexy.

20. Your hairs look like they are animated.

20 to compliment a guys smile.

1. You have such a beautiful smile.

2. Your smile radiates positivity.

3. Your smile can light anyone's anyone's mood.

4. Whenever I see you smile I smile automatically.

5. Your smile has the power to light up the world.

6. Your smile gives me power.

7. You can make anyone forget their problems with your smile.

8. Your smile is unreal.

9. I have never seen any guy with such a beautiful smile.

10. When I smile with you I love that moment.

11. Your smile is like sunshine.

12. When you smile you look like a baby.

13. Your smile is so pretty.

14. Sometimes I can look at your bunny teeth while smiling.

15. Your smile can make a crying person laugh.

16. Whenever you are sad smile at yourself in the mirror.

17. I think your smile can stop wars.

18. Do you know you smile while sleeping.

19. Has anyone ever told you that your smile is like a light bulb.

20. I am in love with your smile.