Being in a relationship can be truly joyful. But even in the happiest relationships sometimes you may feel like there is nothing to talk about. Here are some topics to talk to your boyfriend about, you can choose whichever topic suits your mood.  

Cute Topics to Talk About With Your Boyfriend 

Nicknames. Giving cute nicknames is adorable and will make your boyfriend feel special and loved.

Date ideas. Planning romantic dates is incredibly cute and your boyfriend will love it. 

Your favorite thing to do with each other. Do you love holding hands with your boyfriend or running your hands through his hair? Tell that to him for a cute conversation.

The best day you spent together. What is your favorite memory with your boyfriend?  Reminisce about your most cherished memories together. 

Compliments. You should always compliment your boyfriend so he can be sure of how much you like him. Compliments also let him know you notice little things about him and care for him.

Cooking together. If you enjoy cooking then consider planning a dinner or lunch with your boyfriend after cooking your favorite dishes together.


Dirty Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

Pictures. Exchanging exclusive pictures can be very exciting for both parties, especially in a long-distance relationship. Surprise him with a naughty picture of you in his favorite lingerie.

Text him at work. When your boyfriend is at work, send him a text about what you would do to him if he was with you. He’ll be dying to get back to you all day. 

Stripping. Stripping can be sexy and spice up your relationship. Ask your boyfriend if he would like to see you strip and then either send pictures or do it in front of him.

Fantasies. Tell your boyfriend about your kinks and fantasies. Tell him that you think of him when you are in the shower or watching sex scenes in a movie. 


Serious Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

Your goals. Talk about your goals and ambitions for the future. Feeling secure and confident about the future will help both of you feel more comfortable in your relationship. 

Preferences in bed. In a healthy relationship, both partners should be aware of each other’s sexual preferences and compatibility.

Money. Many couples never talk about sharing financial relationships and this leads to problems or unnecessary pressure on one person. Talking about how finances should be handled in your relationship is important. 

Your past. It may be difficult to be fully transparent about your past but it is crucial for building trust between the two of you. Be respectful and non-judgmental.

Your insecurities. If there is anything in your relationship that makes you feel insecure or unsure of yourself you must share that with your boyfriend. 

Mental Health. Taking care of each other’s mental health is something all couples should do. Make sure to regularly ask your boyfriend if anything is making him stressed or unhappy and how you can help him overcome those feelings.


Deep Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you choose and why?

Life choices. Talk about the best and worst life decisions you both have made.

Talk about a movie or book that has impacted how you live your life and view relationships. 

If you could relive one good day of your life every day as long as you live, would you do it? Why or why not? 

What is one thing that you feel grateful for every day in your life?


Topics to Talk About With Your Boyfriend Over Text 

Talking about your day. Throughout the day text your boyfriend little updates about what you are doing. This will make him feel included in your daily life.

Send him pictures of things that catch your eye like a beautiful sunset or a cute dog. Little moments like this go a long way in building an emotional connection.

Talk about a movie or show you’ve watched recently or want to start watching. 

Talking about fun memories from the past. If there are any fun childhood memories you have or even if something amusing happened recently talk about those incidences.