How to tell if a guy likes you.


Isn't being in love such a wonderful feeling? But when did it all begin? It all starts with liking someone and understanding their feelings toward you. It's difficult to know if a guy likes you if he isn't particularly expressive or hasn't told you his actual sentiments yet. You must determine whether a guy near you likes you or not. It's easy to deduce from his actions and body language.

Guys aren't often particularly Expressive in expressing their feelings, which might be confusing to females. So, if you don't want to get into a quarrel, look for these indicators to see if a guy likes you or not.

1. He is conscious around you.

When you're around a guy that you think could like you, just pay attention to his actions; he'll be very aware of everything he does around you, from chatting to sitting. You may see him acting more politely and cautiously. Allowing everyone to seat first, for example, or eating slowly and politely.


2. He will look at you.

Pay attention to his gazes while you're around a guy you think likes you. If you like someone, you'll want to look at them now and again to make yourself feel better. And it can happen unintentionally since your mind wants to see that person as well. So, if you glance at him indirectly when you're with him, you'll notice that he's staring at you or looking at you while talking or laughing. And if he does this, he may have feelings for you.


3. He will look in your eyes.

Everything is shown via the eyes. don't they? If you're with a guy and he speaks to you while looking deeply into your eyes and remaining still, you should be aware that he might like you. If a person looks you in the eyes while speaking to you, he may wish to form a bond with you or may already like you. This could be an excellent indicator of whether or not a guy likes you.


4. He will be comfortable around you.

When you're with a guy and he appears to be at ease around you, wants to chat to you, and is easygoing with you, he might like you. He'd sit next to you and talk to you, acting strangely and displaying his silly side. And if this is done by someone you've never met before, it's safe to assume he has affections for you.


5. He will talk to you about serious topics and feelings.

If a male starts talking to you about serious issues, such as his sentiments or what he is going through emotionally or mentally, he may perceive you as someone who understands and listens to him. You might get a glimpse of his sympathetic side. Guys have a reputation for being tough and strong, but they are also human, which means they have feelings. And if he does show you this side, don't be surprised as he might see you more than a friend.


6. He will act protective.

A male friend would be protective of a female friend. If a guy likes you, though, he will defend you differently. To protect you, he will endeavour to prevent problems from happening in the first place. He'd be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on everything to ensure your safety. He'll always be there to catch you if you're about to fall, move you to a safer side of the road, or check to see if the food is hot. And if you discover a guy who is doing this, he can get to the point where whatever happens to you affects him.


7. He will be jealous.

This could be the best indicator of whether or not a guy likes you. If you notice a guy's behaviour shift a little bit into frustration and irritation while gazing at you chatting to another guy, it suggests he doesn't like it when you talk to other boys. We become envious of the individuals we love and admire and wish to have them all to ourselves. And this may be occurring to him as well.


8. He asks for advice.

If  Guy asks for advice from you on life, family, work or any other important thing in his life then he is seeing you as a reliable person. He is trusting you for providing the best advice to him. We don't go to everyone for advice we only go to people with whom we are comfortable and know they won't judge us and give the best advice. 

9. He loves to spend time with you.

Who wouldn't want to spend time with someone they like? Everyone does. The guy who likes you might as well. If you notice a guy who is constantly asking for you to spend time with him or looking for opportunities to be with you. He may have feelings for you and wants to know more about you be with you.

10. He will share everything with you.

When people begin to divulge every detail of their secrets, feelings, and thoughts, you can be sure that the person has a high level of trust in you. And if this is done by a man, it's a good sign that he likes you. He believes you always listen to him and comprehend what he is saying, so he shares with you. And we as humans always want to share our thoughts with someone reliable.