How to know if a girl likes you.

The sensation of like someone is so pleasurable that you want to spend all of your time with them. These are skills that boys excel in. They may not be as outspoken as others, but they adore girls. It isn't easy to fall in love with someone. You keep falling for the other person without even realising it.

How would you know whether or not she likes you? This is an important question. You may easily determine whether a female likes you or not by observing her behaviour and activities around you. You can tell if a girl likes you or not by looking at the indications listed below.

How to know if a girl likes you on text.

1.She will always read your texts.

2.She will always reply fast.

3.She would talk a lot.

4.You not texting her will affect her.

5.She will listen to everything you say.

6.She will always want to know about you.

7.She will comfort you through texts.

8.She Will use a lot of love emojis.

9.She will text you first.

10.She will compliment you a lot.

11.She teases you.

12.She shares cute posts with you.

13.She might hint at you subtly.

14.She will share personal things with.

15.She might ask you for advice.

16.She sends you her favourite romantic song.

17.She replied to your comment 18.with more affection than others.

19.She will ask you if you have a girlfriend or a crush.

20.She would subtly try to know what of girl you like.

21.She will ask what you think about the relationship.

22.She will be very humble and sympathetic.

23.She would surely scold you when you're sick.

24.She will ask for face time.

25.She will ask for your number first.



21 ways to know if a girl likes you and is hiding it.

1.She will be nervous around you.

2.You will suddenly make her smile but she will stop smiling the moment she realises.

3.She will stare at you sneakily.

4.She would want to know about you from friends.

5.Her body language is open.

6.She is a little shy around you.

7.She texts you often.

8.She indirectly wants to know if you have a girlfriend or crush.

9.You make her laugh.

10.She remembers tine details about you.

11.She displays a hint of jealously.

12.She is always up for meetings.

13.She looks for you.

14.She makes you smile.

15.You make her blush.

16.She sometimes looks into your eyes.

17.She tells her friends about you.

18.She would secretly try to touch you.

19.She would move away if you get close to her.

20.She would listen to you with all her attention.


31 ways to know if a girl likes you

1.She will make time for you.

2.She wants to spend time with you.

3.She would laugh at your jokes.

4.She would make eye contact

very often.

5.She will let her guard down.

6.She would ask you out.

7.She would ask for your phone number.

8.She will blush around you.

9.She would always ask for you.

10.She will take care of you.

11.She will smile at you secretly.

12.She would think about you.

13.She would text you first.

14.She would get jealous.

15.She would impress you.

16.Her body language will change.

17.She will talk to you with her friends.

18.She would want to know more about you.

19.She turns around looks at you.

20.She leans her body towards you.

21.She stands closer to you.

22.She asks a lot of questions too.

23.She plays with her hair while. talking to you.

26.She punches your arm while laughing.

27.If you tell her you to like 28.something she will say she likes it too.

29.She tries to touch you.

30.She introduces you to friends.