Complimenting anyone reveals your personality, but complimenting a girl reveals your demeanour. You can even use compliments to start a discussion or simply to make someone feel good or entice someone. However, offering compliments isn't always easy because you could be short on words. However, you can utilize these wonderful compliments to make a female feel good.


How to compliment a girl on her looks.

1.You look cute.

2. You look so pretty.

3. You look amazing in this dress.

4. You are so beautiful.

5. You look more pretty in real life.

6. You look glamourous.

7. You look fresh.

10. You look gorgeous.

11. You look wonderful today.

12. You're looking stunning today.

13. You always look brilliant.

14. How lovely do you look today.

15. How can someone be so elegant?

16. You look ethereal.

17. Your skin is just flawless.

18. You are extraordinary.

19. You look so glamorous.

20. You look incredible.

21. You look stunning.

22. Your body is so sexy.

23. You are so fit.

24. You look ravishing.

25. Your eyes are foxy.

26. Your natural beauty is as pure as yoir heart.

27. You are very photpgenic.

28. Your features are striking.

29. You look exquisite.

30. Your beaity is rare.


How to compliment a girl on her voice.


1.Your voice is so sweet. 

2. Your voice is mesmerising.

3. Your voice is as sweet as honey.

4. Your voice can make a baby stop crying.

5. You should sing professionally your voice is amazing.

6. You have an unreal voice.

7. Your voice is beautiful.

8. I have never heard this kind of voice ever.

9. I love when you sing.

10. I wish I had a voice like you.


How to compliment a girl on her smile.


1.Your smile is so pretty.

2. Can you smile for me all the time?

3. When I see you smiling I feel so relieved.

4. Your smile is so cute.

5. Your smile is so beautiful.

6. When you smile you look so gorgeous.

7. I can look at you all day when you smile.

8. You can make anyone's day better by smiling.

9. Your smile just lights evrything around you.

10. You look very adorable when you smile.

11. I can see yoir bunny theeths when you smile.

12. Your smile is alluring.

13. Your smile is like a treasure.

14. You have a precious smile.

15. Your cheecks look so cute when yoi smile.

16. Your smile is very delecate.

17. Your smile is distracting.

18. I always catch myself staring at you when your smiling.

19. You should carry an evil charm with you too prootect your smile.

20. Your smile complements your natural beauty.